Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10-2-2012 (Tuesday) French Camp to Ridgeland, MS

83 miles
Ride time – 7 hr 6 minutes
Averaged speed 11.6
The moon was out as we pedaled out of French Camp this morning!
We were up before the alarm went off this morning as we want to get an early start because we have 82 miles to bike today plus we are biking into a heavily populated area and want to make sure we get there before rush hour.  After a basket breakfast prepared by French Camp B&B we were pedaling down the road by 6:05AM with our lights a flashing on the bike.  What a wonderful day of biking it was today - beautiful sunshine and bright blue skies.  After biking in the rain the last two days we certainly appreciated today's wonderful weather.

This is the last of the Power Bars that we purchased at Sam's Club before we bicycled to the West Coast!  Yes we carried those blasted bars from Wisconsin to Anacortes, WA, from Wisconsin to Bar Harbor, Maine and now almost all the way to Baton Rouge, LA!  Thank goodness they are now all gone!  
One of the different and cool scenes that we got to see today is a Cypress Swamp.  It looks like an area that would be really good to be used in a horror movie.  See the pictures below!


We arrived in Ridgeland about 3:00PM and had a difficult time finding our hotel.  When I made reservations they had stated that the Holiday Inn Express was only a mile off of the Trace but it ended up being more like 3 miles and on a very busy highway.  We finally got checked in and cleaned up and then we walked over to Logan Roadhouse and had an absolutely delicious steak dinner with skewer of grilled vegetables and sweet potato.  Yum Yum Yum!

We have about 62 miles to bike tomorrow to Port Gibson and then on Thursday we will only have about 38 miles to bicycle to Natchez, MS.  We plan on meeting up with Dana and Bill Brown there and spending Friday with them before we continue on to finish up this journey.


  1. I just love those swamp photos--you didn't try to drag the bike through them did you?
    Been thinking a lot about you guys and missing you much. I also know someone is having a milestone B-day while out on the road. Have a great one and stay safe out there.

  2. Have a great Birthday tomorrow. I will be with you in spirit. Love you. Sharon