Thursday, October 4, 2012

10-4-2012 (Thursday) Port Gibson to Natchez, MS

Miles bicycled today – 48 miles
Ride time 4 hours 26 minutes
10.9 MPH

Getting ready to leave Port Gibson, MS on Thursday morning!

We didn’t leave Port Gibson until 8:30AM this morning as we only had 48 miles to bicycle to Natchez which is the end of the Natchez Trace Parkway.  It was a pretty uneventful bicycle ride and we were anxious to get to Natchez to meet up with Bill & Dana Brown and their friends, Phil and Jane.

On our way we stopped at Mount Locust Inn which was constructed in 1780 and is one of the oldest structures in Mississippi.  It functioned as both a working plantation and as an Inn where travelers on the Natchez Trace could rest for the night.  Mount Locust Inn is the only surviving Inn of the more than 50 that existed during the period of greatest use of the Old Natchez Trace.  It was very interesting.


As we were leaving Mount Locust Dana called and we agreed to meet them at milepost 0 in Natchez.  We still had 15 miles to bicycle to get there but it was a pretty easy ride and didn’t take that long.  After meeting them we all bicycled to the Visitor center and bought tickets for a carriage ride and also tickets to tour some of the old plantation homes tomorrow in Natchez.



From the Visitor Center we ended up having to cross the Mississippi River and bicycle into Vidalia, LA which is where the four of them are staying in a RV park tonight.  John and I ended up getting a hotel room at Comfort Suites about a mile or so from the RV Park.  We got cleaned up and then around 5:00PM they picked us up and we went to where there was supposed to be a carriage ride – unfortunately the horse, carriage, and owner did not show up this evening.  We’ll try again tomorrow.  We were all getting hungry so we went to Magnolia Grill for dinner and enjoyed good food and good company. 


Bill got a little bit too close to the shrubs with the bicycle rack on the back!

Tomorrow they will pick us up around 10:00AM and I am sure we will have a busy fun day!

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  1. Billie and I have stayed at that campground in Vidalia.