Friday, October 5, 2012

10-5-2012 Day in Natchez with Dana and Bill Brown and Paul and Jane


Today is the first time since we left home that we did not ride our bicycle at all.  Yesterday we put it in our hotel room and it hasn’t moved since.  It seemed a little strange but yet was nice to be able to travel around Natchez without having to pedal.

I was up early this morning because someone had requested a 5:55 wake up call for our room.  It wasn’t us so I am not sure if it was the person who had stayed in our room the night before or if the front desk just messed up.  Anyway, once I was awake it was impossible to get back to sleep.  About 6:30 I finally gave up and got up and used the hotels washer and dryer and got two loads of clothes washed and dried so we are ready to go tomorrow morning.

We had a very nice breakfast at the hotel and then about 9:00AM John and I walked down the river walk along the Mississippi about 1-1/2 miles to where Dana and Bill are camping with Paul and Jane.  The six of us  left about 10:30 in Bill and Dana’s vehicle and went and toured the Stanton Hall which was built in 1857.  It is the home of a wealthy planter and cotton broker named Frederick Stanton.  It was really a beautiful home and afterwards we went to the Carriage House restaurant for lunch where there specialty is southern fried chicken.  Everyone’s meal was delicious and we still had three more homes to tour so away we went.  We also toured the Glenfield, J.N. Stone house, and Green Leaves. Some of the homes we were not allowed to take pictures inside.  Each one was very interesting and beautifully furnished with amazing historical backgrounds.


Southern Bell of Glenfield - she had a wonderful sense of humor!
Beautiful old live oak tree in the back of Green Leaves!

Following is a few of the dishes that the group had at the Carriage House Restaurant!


Around 5:00PM we went and had a carriage ride through Natchez with a gorgeous Belgium horse and a very informative and nice guide.  It was a beautiful evening and everyone was in shorts and short sleeved shirts. 


Afterwards we went to the “Pig Out” restaurant where everyone had something to eat before they dropped John and I off at the hotel.  We said our goodbyes and will head out tomorrow morning for St. Francisville, LA where we will spend Saturday evening.  It is approx. 62 miles from Natchez.  Then on Sunday we will bicycle the final 21 miles to the Baton Rouge airport to pick up our rental car.

Bill, Dana, John, Paul & Jane at "Pig Out"
We would just like to thank Bill, Dana, Paul, and Jane for a wonderful day and half together in Natchez.  We enjoyed seeing the area, touring the beautiful antebellum homes, the carriage ride, but most of all spending good time with good people.   Travel safely home and we’ll talk soon.

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